Almanac Trader Alert: Monday Before July Expiration

In our Almanac Trader portfolio we look for trading opportunities based upon the calendar days as certain tendencies keep occurring around certain dates and calendar events for one reason or other.

One such opportunities is arising now when the Dow Jones Industrial Averages and NASDAQ Composite show bullish bias.

Since 2000, using 1X and 2X index ETFs, our strategy produced 28 trades for 79% success rate. The average gain is 1.6% for an average of eight-day holding period giving an annualized return of 70.8%.

Seq. ETF # of Trades Win % Avg. Return Avg. Days Annualized
1 DIA/DDM 14 86% 1.4% 8 67%
2 QQQ/QLD 14 71% 1.7% 9 68%

At the end of today we will go long:

  • DDM – ProShares Ultra Dow 30
  • QLD – ProShare Ultra QQQ


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