Health Care Topping: Trade Alert For July 8th 2014

We got into health care long trades on March 4th and March 17th in our seasonality trader portfolio. These trades went up and then down in April and then came up again. The exit window opened up in June and on the first trading day of July we exited couple of these trades. The price action on July 7th has signaled the exit for the remainder of these trades.

  • Exit IHF at or near 103.59 for a gain of 8.2%
  • Exit XLV at or near July 7th close of 61.85 for 2.9% gain
  • Sell FXH at or near 53.71 for a gain of 0.6%
  • Sell XPH at or near 103.88 for 2.1% gain

Overall six trades for this sector produced a net gain of 10.9% in 2014 with the max holding period of 86 calendar days. The annualized return comes to 46%. Since 2000, this sector strategy gave us 47 trades with a win ratio of 87%. The average return per trade was 9.5%. The average return per year was 22.2% for an average holding period of 76 days.

IHF_140707 FXH_140707 XPH_140707 XLV_140707


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