Mull These Over On Weekend – March 21, 2015

Here are some reading materials for your weekend information gathering. As usual, some are market related, some concern the geo-politics and some are for fun. Some are short, some long. Some are agreeable and some not but all are informative. 9 ETFs That Screen for Dividend Growth – So how should you choose an ETF? Here are returns, expense…

What's Going On

What’s Going On – Friday Night Music

You see, war is not the answer For only love can conquer hate You know we’ve got to find a way. Mother, mother, everybody thinks we’re wrong Oh, but who are they to judge us Simply ’cause our hair is long Oh, you know we’ve got to find a way To bring some understanding here…

Udaipur, India

For Your TGIF Procrastinations – March 20, 2015

Here is what is happening around the net. Some of these articles are related to the market, some to geo-politics and some to general stuff. Hope you will find these useful and informative. EU Leaders Dampen Greek Hopes For Bailout Relief – Tsipras, brushing aside the criticism, insisted his government will end austerity and increase social spending.…

U.S. Average Hourly Earnings - Mar 2015

Is The U.S. Economic Environment Ripe For Rate-Hike(s)?

Bloomberg’s Steve Matthews and A. Catarina Saraiva have a very interesting assessment of the economic data coming from the good old U.S.A. Their assessment is based upon various indices that track how well, or badly, the actual economic data is faring in comparison to market prognosticators’ (their word not mine) expectations. One of their sources is Bloomberg…...

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Probability of Positive Change By Weekday

Now I Am Up, Now I Am Down. Fooled You Again. So Says The Market. But, You Can Do Better.

The market volatility has increased significantly this year. Last year was very sedate and the major U.S. indices inched up gradually and with much more certainty than this year. In the year 2014, the Dow Jones Industrial Averages closed up or down by triple digit from previous day’s close on 81 days or 32% of times. So far…...

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Lack of Clear Financial Goals – Fear Not

A plethora of success materials implores us to set specific goals if we are serious about realizing them. Certainly, if we have clearly defined goals then it becomes easier to develop a plan to achieve them as compared to developing a plan to achieve un-specified goals. Similarly, it is easier to accomplish something with a…...

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Tantrums of the Impatients Or What Is the Meaning of Patient?

The market is waiting for the FOMC statement to come out on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, with bated breadth. Last week the market participants were quite busy reading the FOMC tea-leaves to ascertain when would FOMC remove the word “patient” from its policy statement. Would it do this in the coming meeting or in April or later? Apparently, the removal of this…...

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