Around The Net: Noted For Your Morning Ruminations January 28, 2015

Noted for your morning ruminations or procrastination – take your pick. The “Efficiency” of the Market Doesn’t Matter to Smart Investors The EMH is essentially a political construct that argues that discretionary intervention is useless because “the market” is smarter than everyone else. It is a political argument against discretionary intervention that was constructed to…


The Week The Big Bazooka Came Out

The market volatility continued this week and it was best demonstrated by the Shanghai Composite Index, the stock market index of all stocks traded at the Shanghai Sock Exchange. In 2014, Shanghai Composite was the best index returning +52.9%. During the last 90 days of the year, it was up almost +40%. By the end of second week of…...

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Reviewing The Economic Reports For January 23, 2015

Many economic reports came out today. Some painted good pictures and some painted bad pictures for their respective economies. Euro Zone The economic activities in the two major economies, Germany and France, are not improving tremendously. The EZ’s Flash Manufacturing and Services PMI came in line at 51.0 and 52.3 respectively. Belgian NBB Business Climate was -8.8 below…...

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