Around The Net In Ten Posts – Tuesday July 10, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. American Airlines and US Airways Dance Around a Merger (NYT/DealBook)
  2. Euro Group Agrees to Lend Spain 30 Billion Euros (Spiegel Online)
  3. In Lost Opportunity of 1932, Are There Lessons for Today? (Bruce Bartlette/Economix)
  4. UK heads for worst trade deficit in four years despite apparent improvement (The Guardian)
  5. Why Capital’s Defeat of Labor Means Fat Profit Margins Are Here to Stay (Minyanville)
  6. Signs of recovery for Chinese real estate (Emerging Money)
  7. Fed Harms Itself by Missing Goals (Bloomberg)
  8. Fed’s Williams: U.S. Close to Needing QE3 (Wall Street Journal)
  9. Rmb internationalisation: a myth? (beyondbrics)
  10. Propping up the gold price (FT/Alphaville)


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