Around The Net In Ten Posts – Monday July 9, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Merkel Wrestles with Court over Europe’s Future (Spiegel Online)
  2. Dollar Problems Could Lose Their Euro-Cover (WSJ Blogs)
  3. Franco-German Amity Needed for Strengthened Euro, Leaders Say (Bloomberg)
  4. Price Data Suggest Specter of Deflation in China (The New York Times)
  5. Euro zone fragmenting faster than EU can act (Reuters)
  6. France’s Borrowing Costs Are Collapsing (Business Insider)
  7. Why are SWFs less keen on emerging market FDI? (beyondbrics)
  8. Employment Report Not Helpful (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch)
  9. It’s the best of times for U.S. corporations (MarketWatch)
  10. Neither Grexit, Nor Spexit, It’s Fixit or Fexit (A Fistful of Euros)

What are you reading?

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