Around The Net In 10 Posts – Monday May 14, 2012

Here is what I am reading to start the week:

  1. Why We Regulate – Paul Krugman (The New Yor Times)
  2. How the euro volatility can hurt Asia (The South China Morning Post)
  3. Building a diversified income strategy with emerging markets (Emerging Money)
  4. The Mania for Fiscal Austerity, “Hard Money” Ideology, and Reification of the Money Signifier (New Economic Perspective)
  5. Euro Officials Begin to Weigh Greek Exit (Update 2) (Bloomberg)
  6. Warburg Pincus Says India Is A Promising Long-Term Story (WSJ Blogs)
  7. Pound Favored as Haven Currency (Business Week)
  8. Voters Punish Merkel’s Conservatives in Key Election (Spiegel Online)
  9. Seven days that shook Europe (Financial Times)
  10. A Technical Take on the Rights and Wrongs of  the Dismal Science (

What are you reading?

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