Morning Notes – Wednesday July 31, 2019

Directional Bias For The Day: S&P Futures are higher; moving within a narrow horizontal channel – between 3020.00 and 3010.00 – within a bigger horizontal channel – between 3029.00 and 3000.00; The odds are for an up day – watch for break below 3014.00 and 3010.00 for change of fortune Watch for emerging Stochastic Bearish…

Fast Car – Friday Night Music

You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal Maybe together we can get somewhere Any place is better Starting from zero got nothing to lose Maybe we’ll make something Me myself I got nothing to prove — Tracy Chapman

The Fiddle and the Drum – Friday Night Music

You say I have turned Like the enemies you’ve earned But I can remember All the good things you are And so I ask you please Can I help you find the peace and the star Oh, my friend What time is this To trade the handshake for the fist — Joni Micthell

Bird on the Wire – Friday Night Music

Like a bird on the wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way to be free. Like a worm on a hook, like a knight from some old fashioned book I have saved all my ribbons for thee. If I, if I have been unkind, I hope that you…

What’s Going On – Friday Night Music

You see, war is not the answer For only love can conquer hate You know we’ve got to find a way. Mother, mother, everybody thinks we’re wrong Oh, but who are they to judge us Simply ’cause our hair is long Oh, you know we’ve got to find a way To bring some understanding here…

99 Luftballons – Friday Night Music

I liked this song when it first came out in 1983. I did not understand it then and still don’t though know a bit more about it. It is an anti-war song and is quite relevant in 2015 too. The plot talks aboutĀ 99 balloons, which were mistaken for UFOs. A general sends pilots to investigate…

C’est La Vie – Friday Night Music

Like a song Out of tune and out of time All I needed was a rhyme for you C’est la vie Do you give Do you live from day to day Is there no song I can play for you C’est la vie Greg Lake – Emerson, LakeĀ & Palmer – Live in Montreal, 1977

It Don’t Come Easy – Friday Night Music

Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues, And you know it don’t come easy. You don’t have to shout or leap about, You can even play them easy. Forget about the past and all your sorrows, The future won’t last, It will soon be over tomorrow. – Ringo Starr

To The Temple Of the King – Friday Night Music

There in the middle of the circle he stands Searching, seeking With just one touch of his trembling hand The answer will be found Daylight waits while the old man sings Heaven help me And then like the rush of a thousand wings It shines upon the one And the day had just begun Ritchie…