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About The Editor – Sunil Sharma

My investment philosophy includes a blend of fundamental and technical analysis.

Sunil SharmaI believe that the value of an asset class is based upon its micro-level economic and financial fundamentals. To profit from an asset’s price-movement, the investor or trader has to have, at least, some basic understanding of its fundamentals.

At macro-level, all assets operate in an environment that is affected by the macro-economics and inter-market dynamics that have global and local components. To be profitable and effective in investment, one has to be aware of how the economy-wide phenomena such as unemployment, inflation, monetary policy, GDP etc. are behaving and how different markets are interacting. Inter-market analysis involves understanding how developments in different asset classes like equities, bonds, commodities, currencies etc. affect the price-performance of each other.

At execution and tactical level, technical analysis of asset classes deliver good dividends. The investors and traders are human beings and at the very basic level they bring their personality traits and emotions such as fear, greed and other behaviors to the markets. Most of these are then manifested in the price-performance of the assets that they trade or invest in. These manifestations take the form of various chart-patterns and repetitive price-levels. Analyzing and understanding them takes less time and covers more ground than fundamental analysis. The technical analysis also improves the effective ness of the application of fundamental analysis.

Prior to adopting a full-time investment career more than a decade ago, I was a management and IT consultant for twenty+ years.

During that time I worked with many small-&-large companies in America, Europe and Asia. My domain expertise and experience include M&A, finance & banking, strategy and marketing with engagements in financial, automotive, telecomm, internet and consumer products & services industries.

I am an electrical and electronics engineer with a graduate degree in management and mathematics. In my MBA, my areas of focus included finance and investment. My alma-maters are BITS, Pilani, India (engineering & mathematics) and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (MBA).

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