November 2021 – Market At a Glance

Seasonally, November begins a better period for the equity market. There is a strong possibility that it could live up to its reputation this year, and we may see a healthy year-end rally in the stocks.

The Technical Analysis informs us that major U.S. equity indices are on the verge of breaking above their previous highs. Some are coming out of bullish chart patterns and can rise by 5-10% over the next few months. Weekly new highs are trending higher, and the Advance/Decline lines are improving too.

Morning Notes – Monday, November 1, 2021

Directional Bias For The Day: S&P Futures are higher at 8:30 AM; The odds are for an up day with a good chance of sideways to a down move from pre-open levels around 4610.00 – watch for a break above 4619.25 and a break below 4602.00 for clarity Key economic data report due during the…