Will ADP Nail this Time?

ADP & BLF Non-Farm Variance - January 2015Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), is going to release the U.S. Non-Farm Employment Change at 8:15 AM on Wednesday February 4, 2015 for the month of January. ADP’s number gives a preview of what is going to come on Friday, when the Bureau of Labor (BLS) will release its Non-Farm Payroll Report.

ADP’s report has historically varied from the forecast and the actual NFP Number by BLS. The company has changed its calculation formula to better track the governments numbers.

As the chart shows, the changed formula has improved but it is still not vey accurate. For December 2014, ADP said that 241K Non-Farm jobs were added. Bureau of Labor said 252K. The difference was not much. However, ADP missed the mark for November by 145K on the downside and by 13K, also on the downside, for October. Will it nail the official number this time?

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