Around The Net: Noted For Your Morning Ruminations For January 27, 2015

Noted for your morning ruminations or procrastination – take your pick.

  1.  Grexit: it is not the debt, it is the future.
    The reality is that so far EMU has been built in an asymmetric way: the ECB was designed as a strong anti-inflation central bank with the Bundesbank in mind and that served a purpose (for everyone including Greece). The strict criteria to enter into EMU (low inflation, low budget deficits) were a great excuse for politicians in some countries to do policies that otherwise they could not have done internally.
  2. Investing in Russia: So Crazy, It Just Might Work
    “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable,” according to investment firm Research Affiliates in a new analysis. “Investing in Russia now is definitely discomfiting, but it might pay off in the long run.”
  3. OPEC’s El-Badri: $200 Oil Possible If There’s Lack of Investment
    “He is raising a valid concern that falling investments due to the current price collapse may leave us with little oil coming out of the ground in a few years,” Ole Sloth Hansen, an analyst at Saxo Bank A/S in Copenhagen, said by e-mail Monday. Prices as high as $200 probably won’t happen because “a move back above $100 will bring the shale oil drillers out in force as they can relatively quickly react to rising prices.”
  4. 10 investing temptations to avoid in 2015
    With the new year underway, there are many investment options attempting to entice retirement investors.Like Odysseus of old, lash yourself to the mast, put beeswax in your ears and ignore the alluring songs of these 10 sirens.
  5. Iran Is Ditching The Dollar In Foreign Trade
    And over the past few years, Iran has been strengthening economic and military ties with others countries (including China and Russia) in an effort to circumvent the Western-imposed sanctions.
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