Trading Notes: Thursday September 4th

ECB President Mario Draghi gave a fresh impetus to the market rally by cutting rates and announcing Quantitative Easing. The futures jumped and the market opened higher. Some of our trade setups triggered. For others adjust the entry levels based upon ORB (Opening Range Bar – first 30-minute trading candle).

  • GD (long) – some of you may have got the orders filled at the initial price. Out order did not. So we are going to set entry to 126.32
  • SIMO (long) from yesterday hit the target of 28.17. If you are still carrying it then adjust the stop to 27.65 and target to 28.43
  • C (long) swing trade hit the target of 52.80. Adjust the stop to 52.07 and reset the target to 55.67. It has broken above a horizontal channel and since we have already made profit in the first lot and the second lot is also in money, we will shoot for the measured target of the pattern.
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