Almanac Trader Alert – Labor Day Good For Small Cap

In our Almanac Trader portfolio we look for bullish or bearish short-term biases based upon calendar events. Summer are usually slow trading days as many people take vacation. They start coming back after the Labor Day, which increases the volatility after that day.

We have found that Russell 2000 index usually shows a bullish bias around Labor Day that could be traded. Since 2000, our this strategy has produce 14 trades. Using a combination of 1-X and 2-X ETFs, the average return has been 1.2% with 64% success ratio over a 5-calendar day holding period resulting in 87% annualized return.

In this portfolio, we enter and exit trades based on end-of-day prices. Some time we can determine if our signal will be triggered by the end-of-day or not and sometime we have to wait for the actual closing price to print before a signal could be generated. It looks highly likely that today the entry signal for this trade will be generated.

  • Buy UWM – ProShares Ultra Russell 2000 – at market close
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