Almanac Trader Alert – Triple Witching In June

The week following the triple-witching Friday in June has been historically weak. There is not a single up week following the triple-witching in June since 1998. It tends to be down in flat period and dramatically so during bear markets. Our entry/exit algorithm has generated the short-signal for technology and small-caps.

For technology, you can go either short XLK, Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF, or go long REW, ProShares Ultra-Short Technology ETF.

For small-caps, you can go either short IWM, iShares Russell 2000 ETF, or go long TWM, ProShares Ultra Short Russell 2000 ETF.

  • Go long REW at or near 17.37, the close on Tuesday June 17th
  • Go long TWM at or near 44.40, the Tuesday close

The trade is normally held for a short duration – typically for 5-10 days. We will send an alert when the exit signal is generated.

There are possibilities that entry signals maybe generated for few more ETFs.

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