Trade Alert For Monday, April 28th

Energy / Nat Gas Trades

The closing prices on April 25th tell that it is time to get out of some more Energy / Nat-Gas seasonal trades that we put on in late January.

  • Exit XES – S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF – at or around April 25th close of 46.76
  • Exit PXJ – PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Services ETF – at or around 27.82

These two have produced significant gains. XES was entered on Jan 24th at 41.17 and resulted in 13.6% gain. PXJ was also entered on Jan 24th at 24.50 and produced 13.6% gain. PXI has given only one losing trade in nine years whereas XES lost only once in eight years.

We still have two trades open for this sector.

ETF Entry Date Entry Apr 25th Close Paper Ret
XLE 24-Jan-14 84.33 93.23 10.6%
ERX 24-Jan-14 77.55 104.47 34.7%

Utility Sector

Market action on the Friday was strong enough to close out many Utility sector trades too. Though, all of them were profitable. Exit following trades:

  • XLU – Utilities Select Sector SPDR – at or around April 25th close of 43.11 for a gain of 6.6% in 56 days
  • IDU – iShares US Utilities – at or near 107.91 for a gain of 6.2% in 56 days
  • RYU – Guggenheim S&P 500 Eq Weight Utilities – at or near 71.27 for a gain of 7.7% in 44 days

There is one more trade open in this sector – First Trust Utilities AlphaDEX (FXU) – with 6.1% paper profit.

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