Around The Net In Ten Posts – Wednesday August 22, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Weak Japan exports, hit by Europe, raise questions on recovery (Reuters)
  2. BHP mothballs $30b Olympic Dam expansion (The Sydney Morning Herald)
  3. Drawing the Wrong Inferences from Economic Data (A Dash Of Insight)
  4. Put Inflation Fears Aside (The New York Times)
  5. “Uncertainty” Is Nothing More Than Wall Street Whining (Capital Gains And Games)
  6. Microsoft’s measured move and the march to $45 (MarketWatch)
  7. Fed Report: No More Monetary Gas Needed (The Big Picture)
  8. Three Leveraged Bond ETFs Your Broker Forgot to Mention (Minyanville)
  9. Department of “Huh!?”: Yet Another John Cochrane Edition (Brad Delong)
  10. Samaras Says Greece Needs More Time (Spiegel Online)

What are you reading?

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