Around The Net In Ten Posts – Tuesday August 07, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Orders and Production: No Time for Complacency (Mauldin Economics)
  2. Goldman Sachs’s MIST Topping BRICs as Smaller Markets Outperform (Bloomberg)
  3. Has CNBC Lost its Mojo? (A Dash Of Insight)
  4. Stocks regain upward bias (MarketWatch)
  5. Follow the Money: 5 Extremely Cash-Rich Stocks (Minyanville)
  6. The Lead-Lag Report: Melt-Up Redux (Minyanville)
  7. Bullish Set-Ups Similar To 2010 (Short Takes)
  8. Market Recap (5 Charts) – A Constructive Day of Progress (StockTradingToGo)
  9. Arthur Laffer, Anti-Enlightenment Economist (Uneasy Money)
  10. Pricey Oil, Cheap Natural Gas, and Energy Costs (FRBSF Economic Letter)

What are you reading?

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