Around The Net In Ten Posts – Monday August 06, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Rogoff Sees World Wishing It’s America Year After S&P Downgrade (Bloomberg)
  2. Bernanke: despite recovery, many struggling (Reuters)
  3. The Clinton Tax Challenge for Republicans (Bruce Bartlett)
  4.  Year After S&P’s Rating Downgrade, US Treasuries Trade 1% Lower (Next New Deal)
  5. China Is Closing In On A Major Turning Point: It May Weaken Its Currency Against The Dollar (Business Insider)
  6. Weighing the Week Ahead: Time to Assess the Evidence? (A Dash Of Insight)
  7. BoE, Inflation & Sterling (Better Trader)
  8. 3 Bullish and Bearish Charts (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  9. What to do for the rest of 2012? (Humble Student Of The Market)
  10. Thirteen Income Stocks Boosting Investor Returns (Dividend Growth Investor)

What are you reading?

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