Around The Net In Ten Posts – Friday 3, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Gloves Off in Draghi-Weidmann Clash Over Bond Purchases (Bloomberg)
  2. UK should have waited to enforce austerity (The Financial Times)
  3. July Employment Report Preview (A Dash Of Insight)
  4. Goodbye to Shanghai (beyondbrics)
  5. Post-Crisis Iceland Is Test Site for Too-Big-to-Fail Prevention (Bloomberg)
  6. Corn Correction Overdue (Stock Trader’s Almanac)
  7. Silver: How low can we go? (MarketWatch)
  8. VIX Is Weird (Seeking Alpha)
  9. EU Market Outlook – No Sugar Fix Makes For An Angry Market (FX360)
  10. Basic Elliott — Characteristics of Zigzags (Better Trader)

What are you reading?

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