Around The Net In Ten Posts – Thursday August 2, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Fed Sees Slowing Economy, but Defers New Action (The New Yor Times)
  2. If Draghi Disappoints, German Paper Wants Helmet Back (WSJ Blogs)
  3. Institutional investors exit growth stocks (MarketWatch)
  4. The Lead-Lag Report: Cyclical Melt-Up Coming? (Minyanville)
  5. Market at a Glance $$ (Stock Trader’s Almanac)
  6. Japan Stands Up (IMF Direct)
  7. When Right Thinking is just plain wrong (The Financial Times)
  8. Options Recap – 8/1/2012 (What’s Trading)
  9. Global Manufacturing Plunge Deepens: Worldwide Job Losses Begin! (Osprey Flyer)
  10. How Useful Are Stops in Today’s “Algos Gone Wild” World (Ivonhoff Capital)

What are you reading?

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