Around The Net In Ten Posts – Monday June 25, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. A Spanish Leader Emerges as a Crusader for Austerity (Wall Street Journal)
  2. Germany to Confront United Euro Bloc at Summit (Bloomberg)
  3. Italy and the missed opportunity of euro “purgatory” (Reuters)
  4. A Long Wait to The Next FOMC Meeting (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch)
  5. How Europe Can Rescue Europe (Project Syndicate)
  6. Austerity At Work (The Big Picture)
  7. Central bank existential crisis confirmed (FT/Alphaville)
  8. Commodities trading thrives as equities dive (MarketWatch)
  9. What was Spain supposed to have done? (Martin Wolf’s Exchange)
  10. BRICs Biggest Currency Depreciation Since 1998 to Worsen (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

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