Around The Net In Ten Posts – Thursday June 21, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. A Functional Congress Wouldn’t Have to Depend on Bernanke (Bloomberg)
  2. Big Ben speaks and glamour stocks yawn (MarketWatch)
  3. Economists Find Evidence for Famous Hypothesis of Comparative Advantage (Economist’s View)
  4. Europe in 1931 (Econ Browser)
  5. The Rocky Balboa recovery (Vox)
  6. The Eurozone’s May 2010 Strategy Is a Disaster: Time to Pay Up and End This Crisis (EconoMonitor)
  7. A bitter fallout from a hasty union (Financial Times)
  8. The limits of the unconventional (Economist)
  9. Merkel Ally Rejects Bailout Concessions for Greece (Spiegel Online)
  10. Four Real-World Investing Rules That Should Be Taught in Schools (Minyanville)

What are you reading?

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