Around The Net In Ten Posts – Wednesday June 20, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Prepare for Lehmans re-run, Bank official warns (The Telegraph)
  2. Europe Under Pressure to Fulfil G-20 Promises (Spiegel Online)
  3. The One Man Who Can Save Europe (Bloomberg)
  4. Where is Amazon’s Kindle market power coming from? (Digitopoly)
  5. Debating Growth in China (EconoMonitor)
  6. Might Eurobonds be the Answer to the Euro Crisis? (Jeff Frankel)
  7. The Case for Wage-Led Growth (New America Foundation)
  8. Recovery risks may stir Fed to action (Reuters)
  9. A global financial inflection point (MarketWatch)
  10. FED watch today (The Big Picture)

What are you reading?

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