Around The Net In Ten Posts – Friday June 8,2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Why cannot other European countries show this courage?  (Mainly Maco)
  2. Who Killed American Unions? (The Atlantic)
  3. Euro Crisis Hits German Exports (Spiegel Online)
  4. It’s time to bury supply-side economics (MarketWatch)
  5. Europe may issue joint bond, just not ‘euro bond’ (MarketWatch)
  6. Here’s one Wall Street regulation that Republicans love (The Washington Post)
  7. Mario Monti’s Nordic Dream (Project Syndicate)
  8. Depressions can be avoided (Reuters)
  9. The Difference Between a Rally and a Recovery (Minyanville)
  10. Not Jackson Hole (Economonitor)

What are you reading?

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