Around The Net In Ten Posts – Thursday May 31, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Innovation Is a Discipline, Not a Cliché (Harvard Business Review Blogs)
  2. Europeans’ economic future has been hijacked by dangerous ideologues (Guardian)
  3. China Is Accelerating Financial Reforms (EconoMonitor)
  4. Indian growth weakest in nine years, rupee slides (Reuters)
  5. Spain cries for help: is Berlin listening ? (Reuters)
  6. AIG Could Happen Again Without Dodd-Frank Fix (Bloomberg)
  7. What Else Could Go Wrong? Well, Since You Asked… (Minyanville)
  8. Lack of Chinese stimulus dragging down emerging markets (Emerging Money)
  9. China is facing “the strongest outflow pressures for some time” (FT/Aplhaville)
  10. Yeah! The Housing Bottom Is Here! (PWBC™) (TheBigPicture)

What are you reading?

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