Around The Net In Ten Posts – Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. For growth, focus first on jobs (Reuters/Blogs)
  2. Hollande Steals the Show from Merkel (Spiegel Online)
  3. UK economy’s fall into recession deeper than expected (Guardian)
  4. Fed Watch: The Fed and the Fiscal Cliff (Economist’s View)
  5. The Seeds of the EU’s Crisis Were Sown 60 Years Ago (Bloomberg)
  6. Hey, Germany: You Got a Bailout, Too (Bloomberg)
  7. New and Frozen Frontier Awaits Offshore Oil Drilling (New York Times)
  8. China’s manufacturing poised for seventh monthly contraction (Sydney Morning Herald)
  9. Recent volatility sets a better tone (Market Watch)
  10. Japan grows – expansionary fiscal policy works! (Bill Mtchel – billy Blog)

What are you reading?

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