Around The Net In Ten Posts – Tuesday May 22, 2012

This is what i am reading:

  1. ECB Increasingly Concerned Over Aid to Greek Banks (Spiegel Online)
  2. Swift European unity could spur epic rally (Market Watch)
  3. The not-so-creeping process of de-euroisation (FT/Alphaville)
  4. Japan Rating Cut by Fitch on ‘Leisurely’ Efforts to Tame Debt (Bloomberg)
  5. Eurozone crisis live: IMF warns UK may need fiscal stimulus (Guardian)
  6. So, You Think You Really Know What Happened with Facebook’s IPO on Friday? (The Big Picture)
  7. Everest’s fatal traffic jam: 150 climbers scramble for top (Sydney Morning Herald)
  8. Leading indicators of a market top (Market Watch)
  9. In Greek Humanitarian Crisis, It Will Be Leftists Or Neo-Nazis (Naked Capitalism)
  10. For Starters, Reinstate Glass-Steagall (Room For Debate/NYT)

What are you reading?

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