Around The Net In Ten Posts – Wednesday May 16, 2012

Here is Wednesday morning read:

  1. China ‘big four’ bank loans drop in April (South China Morning Post)
  2. How Keynes would solve the eurozone crisis (Financial Times)
  3. Germany will blink, and won’t let Greece exit euro (Market Watch)
  4. Knives Are Out, But Will BHP and Rio Cut? (Deal Journal Australia)
  5. Politesse Trumps Policy as Hollande Meets Merkel (Speigel Online)
  6. Fed Watch: FOMC Minutes (Economist’s View)
  7. If Information Is Power, What Is Lack Of Information? (The Big Picture)
  8. BofA: The ‘Ichimoku Clouds’ Signal A Storm May Be Coming For The Stock Market (Business Insider)
  9. U.K. Unemployment Unexpectedly Falls in Stabilization Sign (Bloomberg)
  10. The Domino Effect Caused by Greek Default (Profit Confidential)

What are you reading?

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