Around the Net in 10 Posts – Tuesday May 8, 2012

Here is what I have been reading (and trying to understand) this morning:

  1. Private Jobs Increase More With Democrats in White House (Bloomberg)
  2. Long Term Secular Cycles on S&P (The Big Picture)
  3. Call On EFSF/ESM To Fund Bank Recapitalisation (ForexLive)
  4. Christine Lagarde urges indebted European countries to cut deficit slowly (The Sydney Morning Herald)
  5. Can Merkel Teach Hollande Austerity? (Spiegel Online)
  6. Umbrella sales are up 5000% but sales slump puts UK firmly back in recession (Guardian)
  7. Euro could be the next sub-prime mortgage crisis (Independent)
  8. Fed credit rule may hinder BOJ’s monetary policy (Bloomberg)
  9. Hillary’s Passage to India (The Diplomat)
  10. The market pullback is a welcome sight (MarketWatch)

What are you reading?

Credit: This post has been inspired by The Big Picture

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