Bollinger Band Basics

Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how these volatility indicators support pattern recognition As a technical trader, are you able to view financial market fluctuations clearly and reliably? At Elliott Wave International, we hold that the Elliott Wave Principle is the most effective tool for analysis. Yet the Wave Principle works well with other technical…

Momentum Analysis Using MACD

Learn more about using Momentum analysis to make Elliott wave trading decisions in this video by EWI European Interest Rate Analyst Bill Fox. Find more lessons on technical indicators in EWI’s newest free report. See the information below.

Basic Elliott Video Lesson — Characteristics of Zigzags

For consistent trading, use Elliott as your metronome. When you are new to trading with Elliott Waves, it can take some time before each pattern is easy to recognize and understand. But as with new music, the more you listen the more the particular rhythm and meaning stand out. There may be as many approaches…

The Personality of Stock Market Waves

Elliott waves don’t merely reflect prices plotted over time. Each wave has its own “personality.” Listen to this video by EWI’s Wayne Gorman to learn more about the psychology behind the waves and how it affects your investment decisions.