Fast Car – Friday Night Music

You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal Maybe together we can get somewhere Any place is better Starting from zero got nothing to lose Maybe we’ll make something Me myself I got nothing to prove — Tracy Chapman

Happenings Around The Net – April 9, 2015

Piketty Says EU Politics Risks Driving Greece Out of Euro – Germany and France aren’t just mistreating Greece, “they’re mistreating themselves,” Piketty said. “We need more political integration, more democratic institutions. You can’t just do it with summits of finance ministers.” Fed Officials Divided Over June Liftoff, FOMC Minutes Show – “They are data dependent, and the…

The Weekend Reading List – April 4, 2015

Here is some reading material for your weekend pleasure. Some are related to the market, some to economics, some to geo-politics and some are for fun. Hope you will find these interesting and useful. Symmetric Scots – This theory mainly focuses on the problem of responding to asymmetric shocks — a slump in Spain while…

The Fiddle and the Drum – Friday Night Music

You say I have turned Like the enemies you’ve earned But I can remember All the good things you are And so I ask you please Can I help you find the peace and the star Oh, my friend What time is this To trade the handshake for the fist — Joni Micthell

For Your TGIF Procrastinations – April 3, 2015

Here is what I read on Thursday and early Good Friday. Hope you will find these interesting and useful. Some are market related, some relate to geo-politics and some are for fun. Central Bank Solvency and Inflation – When the Fed buys long-term Treasuries by issuing interest-bearing reserves, it effectively retires this long-term debt, at least…