Membership Cancel

We are sad that you want to cancel the membership. Please read below before confirming cancellation.

  1. You may cancel a subscription at any time. However, you will only receive a full-refund only if the request to cancel has been received within the first 30 days of your membership or subscription.

  2. Cancellation requests after 30 days will be still honored, but no refund will be provided. If cancelled before the end of a service period, the service will continue till the end unless you ask us to stop it before end time.
  3. To cancel a recurring subscription, it is your responsibility to go to Paypal, where the recurring payment is setup,  and cancel subscription. A subscription is immediately cancelled after a subscriber cancels at Paypal. Failure to cancel a subscription at Paypal by a subscriber will result in further charges and there will be no refund for such charges.
  4. If requested, any unused portion may be applied to other services and subscriptions from Cerebral Works, Inc.

Please see our terms & conditions for more details.


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