Time to Exit Some Energy Trades

The closing prices on April 24th tell that it is time to get out of some of the Energy / Nat-Gas seasonal trades that we put on in late January.

  • Exit PXI – PowerShares DWA Energy Momentum Portfolio ETF – at or around 60.90, the close on April 24th
  • Exit OIH – Oil Services ETF – at or around 52.16

These two have produced significant gains. PXI was entered on Jan 24th at 52.91 and resulted in 15.1% gain. OIH was entered on Jan 30th at 45.74 and produced 14.0% gain. PXI has never given a losing trade in seven years whereas OIH lost only twice in 13 years.

We still have other trades open for this sector.

ETF Entry Date Entry Apr 24th Close Paper Ret
XES 24-Jan-14 41.17 46.88 13.9%
PXJ 24-Jan-14 24.50 27.96 14.1%
XLE 24-Jan-14 84.33 93.79 11.2%
ERX 24-Jan-14 77.55 106.27 37.0%


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