Principle Of Utility

The seasonal tendencies within the Utility sector quite demonstrably show the upward bias between late Feb and early May time period. We have applied our proprietary algorithm to generate favorable entry and exit signals for a variety of sector ETFs and the results are pretty good.

Since 2000, our strategy has produced 40 trades with a winning rate of 77.5%. The average gain has been 4.4% for 47 calendar days holding period giving an annualized rate of 33.7%. The compound rate of return is 187% compared to S&P 500’s return of 36%. Last year, this strategy gave a gain of 17.4% within 51 days.

Seq. ETF # of Trades Win % Avg. Return
1 FXU 6 100% 6.2%
2 IDU 13 69% 3.9%
3 RYU 7 86% 5.2%
4 XLU 14 71% 3.8%

We start looking for entry signals starting middle of February. Once our entry signals are triggered we will send out trading alerts to our members.

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