Around The Net In Ten Posts – Friday July 20, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. Wall Street Seeks Patience After Worst 1st Half Since ’08 (Bloomberg)
  2. Idle corporate cash piles up (Reuters)
  3. America Is Approaching The Export Tipping Point (Business Insider)
  4. Six Policies Economists Love (And Politicians Hate) (NPR)
  5. The IMF explodes the myth of fiscal “credibility” (Jonathan Portes)
  6. 5 ultimate dividend stocks (MarketWatch)
  7. Random Thoughts: The Most Important Chart in the World (Minyanville)
  8. Tell Me Again, Why Can’t the VIX Go Lower From Here? (All Star Charts)
  9. Portfolio Construction: Risk Vs. Capital Allocation (Seeking Alpha)
  10. Traders Having More Success “Trading” Rally Than “Fading” It (T3Live)

What are you reading?

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