Around The Net In Ten Posts – Thursday July 19, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. IMF Blasts EuroZone Policymakers and ECB (Mainly Macro)
  2. China’s strong domestic demand has reduced its trade surplus (VOX EU)
  3. Is Germany Übercompetitive and Should it Accept Higher Inflation? (EconoMonitor)
  4. Spain five-year borrowing costs hit highest since 1996 (Reuters)
  5. NATURAL GAS: An Investor’s Guide To The Most Promising Commodity In The World (Business Insider)
  6. Why U.S. stock funds, ETFs could see a 2012 rally (MarketWatch)
  7. Millionaires Added U.S. Stocks in Last Year as Crowd Fled (Bloomberg)
  8. Germany Biggest Winner From Euro Fixed Exchange Rates (Minyanville)
  9. EUR Remains Headline Slave (Seeking Alpha)
  10. What’s driving the Total Return ETF? (Reuters)

What are your reading?

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