Around The Net In Ten Posts – Wednesday July 4, 2012

Here is what I am reading:

  1. This Land Was Made for You, Me and Its Critics (Bloomberg)
  2. The Euro’s Latest Reprieve (Joseph Stiglitz)
  3. The ECB Should Cut Rates, Then Go Further (Bloomberg)
  4. The Fourth By The Numbers (The Big Picture)
  5. Wall Street Supporters in Congress Unmoved by Libor Probe (Bloomberg)
  6. Angela Merkel boils the euro frog at EU summits (MarketWatch)
  7. The Death Of The China Cult (Business Insider)
  8. Market tantrums should be tamed (Reuters)
  9. Back to the gold standard? It makes no economic sense (The Guardian)
  10. The IMF Goes All-Out on Balance-Sheet Recessions, Providing Sanity on Economic Policy (Rortybomb)

What are you reading?

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